Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the sought after destinations within Australia and Australia happens to be one of the most remote locations on earth.  It is quite difficult for a person living in any part of the world be it Asia, Europe, or the Americas to visit Australia.  The plain and simple reason is that it takes an awful lot of time to reach the island continent and airfares are quite steep from just about anywhere.

Although the Australian capital is Canberra, those that venture into the area typically visit Sydney, the city that houses one of the best cricket grounds in the world and has hosted some of the most memorable matches in the history of the game.

Millions of travelers from all around the world head to Australia every year to get a taste of "Down Under".  Known for its exotic fauna and flora, wide variety of outdoor activities, breathtaking landscapes, and the richness of its aboriginal and modern culture, it is no surprise that Australia attracts all kinds of visitors. 

Despite this variety, a staple in most tourists' itineraries is Sydney, the largest and most cosmopolitan city on the continent.  This city is an ideal base from which to start the onward journey to other parts of Australia, and a few days might be enough to hit the most popular sights, including the Opera House, Harbor Bridge, Royal Botanical Gardens and Sydney Tower. 

However, Sydney has much more than sights to offer, and visitors headed to "the Harbor City" with a few extra days in their itineraries will be amply rewarded with a huge variety of activities for singles and families, backpackers and luxury travelers alike.  Spending time exploring some of the city's most popular neighborhoods is an incredibly rewarding experience, and these cater to all kinds of tastes. 

  • Bondi is great for a relaxed people-watching afternoon or if you are into surfing. You might try the Beach Road Hotel if you like music.  You can stroll down from Bondi to Coogee to experience the stunning views from some of the city's most iconic beaches.
  • Manly is great for families. Great surfing, the people are friendly and the food is awesome.
  • The Rocks with its markets and museums is a must for foodies, art lovers, and shoppers alike. 
  • Surrey Hills and Darlinghurst are well known for their cutting edge galleries and restaurants, and quirky shops. 
  • Paddington offers beautiful architecture and the trendiest shopping.
  • NSW Art Gallery is worth a visit if you are into art, entry is free.
  • The Royal Botanical Gardens offer some awesome free tours, however, not all are free.  Hence you need to time your visit properly.  The place is simply amazing with a rich variety of plants as well as a greenhouse.  Spring is an excellent time to visit.
  • The Royal National Park is the second oldest national park in the world.  Entry on foot is free but vehicles will set you back $11 per vehicle.  The park has over 100 km of walking tracks through all sorts of terrain and camping and picnic sites abound.
  • The Blue Mountains are a sight not to miss.  Especially striking is the three sisters formation which is world famous.  It's recommended that you feast your eyes on this centuries old formation during sunset.

Whether you are attracted to outdoor activities, sightseeing, museums and art galleries, innovative cuisine, shopping or simply wish to take it easy by the beach, this city's got it all. And, make sure you take a ferry down the harbor during the sunset hour.

Sydney is unmistakably a great city for many reasons but arguably its biggest asset is its people.  Australians are well known for their open and friendly nature.  Starting a conversation with locals is incredibly easy and very rewarding.  My personal experience attests to this and so do the experiences of many other visitors - a quick internet search will produce thousands of positive experiences by travelers.

The international nature of the local population makes these exchanges varied and interesting, and yet a common denominator is their courteousness.  "Closing the guidebook" to instead ask directly for recommendations in different neighborhoods has always produced excellent results during my visits.  "Getting lost" while exploring and engaging in conversations with locals will guarantee that your experience  is as wonderful and vibrant as the city itself.

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