From Beaches to Skyscrapers to Waterfalls: the Top 6 Things to do in Brazil
(by Vincent)

To say that Brazil is big would be an understatement.  The country is, in fact, huge, sprawling across a diverse chunk of South America and occupying half of the continent's landmass.  It's diversity is perhaps its most remarkable characteristic.  From towering skyscrapers to beautiful beaches to stretches of virgin Amazon jungle, This country can best be described as a pastiche of places all amassed into one beautiful and fascinating country.  If you're considering planning a Brazilian adventure, check out this list of top six must-dos.


Climb to the top of Cristo Redentor.  The Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) is undoubtedly the entire country's most iconic landmark.  Situated on top of a mountain that rises straight up from the city to 710 meters (approx. 2300 feet), this statue is visible from every corner of Rio de Janeiro.


Take in the views from the top of Banespa Skyscraper.  Contructed between 1937 and 1939, the Banespa skyscraper is essentially their version of the Empire State Building.  The journey to the top is well worth the effort; at its highest point the Banespa Skyscraper offers sweeping views of Sao Paulo.


Wander through the Museo de Arte de Sao Paulo (MASP).  Located in Sao Paulo, the cultural capitol of the country, the MASP featuresLatin America's most impressive and comprehensive collection of Western art, showcasing pieces from Goya to El Greco to Manet.


Sunbathe in Ipanema.  When it comes to Brazilian beaches, Ipanema is one of the best.  Ipamema is actually part of a long stretch ov various different beaches, know as postos.  There are postos to suit everyone's postos, family-friendly postos, gay postos.  Posto 9 is perhaps the most famous, a haven for the young and beautiful.

While Ipanema is great for beach sports and sun bathing, be careful when swimming.  Ipanema actually means "dangerous waters".  Over-sized waves and a strong undertow can make the water treacherous.  Don't head out for a swim unless you notice locals in the water.


Eat a meal in a churrascaria.  A churrascaria is a restaurant that serves meat churrasco style, which roughly means "barbecue" in Portuguese.  It can be traced back to the gauchos (cowboys) of Southern Brazil's plains and today churrasco is a great example of authentic Brazilian cuisine.  When there, make sure to eat a meal (or two) in a tradtional churrascaria.


Explore waterfalls in Taquarucu.  Taquarucu, situated in the Serra do Carmo hills, is a small center of eco-tourism.  But what it lacks in size it makes up for in beauty.  The hilly, heavily forested area surrounding Taquarucu is studded with gorgeous water falls, nearly 80 in total.  Cachoeria de Roncadeira is the tallest in the area, standing at 70 meters.  Cachoiera Escorrega Macaco, just a hundred meters away, stand nearly as tall, at 70 meters.

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