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Most people have seen the movie classic..."Casablanca".  It conjured up visions of an exotic location but how many of us have actually been there? Visiting Morocco with Ali is an opportunity to experience first hand the areas you most desire to see. 

Many years ago when I lived in the south of Spain, I took the hydrofoil across the Straits of Gibraltar to visit Morocco.  On that visit my time was limited and the result is a desire to return once again.   

If you would like to immerse yourself into Moroccan culture then this is for you. Ali enjoys sharing the old traditions and offers insight into how the country has evolved over time. 

Choosing to plumb the depths of the culture is an exotic leap into the past such as having traditional mint tea with an authentic Berber Nomadic family. There are many other traditional experiences that Ali can plan with you.

Morocco: Create your "Tour of Dreams"

I haven't had the time to realize that dream yet, but if you feel like riding a camel, your hair blowing in the warm Moroccan wind, then contact Ali.

His driver can pick you up at any Moroccan airport or Riad/hotel (Marrakech, Fez, Ouarzazate, Tangier and other cities) and drive you on your personalized tour in a comfortable air conditioned land cruiser. Check his website for regular tours or customize your own with his help.  You will see numerous options on his website:

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