Cetina River, Croatia

The Cetina River is in southern Croatia and it has a length of about 63 miles. It flows into the Adriatic Sea. It rises from a spring near a small village called by the same name. It is believed that in medieval times it was a frontier between Slavic and late Roman power.

The river is scenic as it meanders, twisting and turning. Along the way there is evidence of ancient ruins but no one was expanding our knowledge of what they were.

The river is bordered by banks of green foliage. The water in the river is almost emerald green.

The area is tranquil and ducks are a part of the rustic landscape.

There were canoes near what looked like a dock landing in the distance.

After puttering up the Cetina River slowly on that “river boat” (more like a rowboat with an outboard) we had a pleasant surprise when we saw the Radman Mill Landing. It looked both serene and inviting. We were to have a meal here and after the brisk autumn air on the river, we were ready for something warm.

There were a number of boats disgorging their passengers at Radman’s Mill.

The welcome sign at Radman's Mill was multi-lingual. It is located 3 miles up to the canyon of the river.

It is a place famous for bread baked under an iron lid (peka) and for fresh trout that can be caught from the river. Other specilaties are green seafood with pasta, ham and cheeses, and black risotto. The year of 1722 is carved into stone above a passage on today’s building but it is believed that it is much older.

Nowadays Radman’s mill is a restaurant and a picnic place. There is a peaceful laziness to the setting. The mill wheels are still there and a sundial is also there. Folklore events are held there in the summer months with traditional dances and songs. Entrance is free to wander in the forested area and enjoy the quiet solitude offered there.

Radman’s Mill was all very rustic but not particularly the type of tour that appeals to us. For those that like forests and being back to nature it was probably quite charming but we tend to have a more avid interest in historical locations such as Domitian’s Palace.

So, I wouldn’t really recommend this tour to those like us, who seek to experience ancient times without just being in a forest. We could have been in a treed region or on a river at home in the USA. However, it was a pleasant afternoon outdoors.

We had arrived by boat but we were taken up a path at the back of the mill to a road where the bus waited for us.  We were transported back to Omis and the harbor, and then we continued back to Split where we would spend additional time in Diocletian's  Palace before boarding the tenders to take us back to the ship which was anchored offshore.

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