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Venice Series:

What is there that I can add to the romantic ambience of Venice that you haven't read before...I really can't say...but I do know that if you have dreamt of a visit to an exotic place that will pervade all of your senses quickly...this magical Italian city with narrow web-like streets will not disappoint.  I instinctively knew that it would be this way.

Although I had visited Rome, Naples, as well as other Italian cities over the past few years...I save this one!  This would be the city to visit when the particular time in my life was unhurried and my thirst for viewing the crossroads of the past colliding with the present could be quenched.  I was finally in Venice...more

Venice Landmarks

Many Venice landmarks reside in the Piazza San Marco such as the Basilica di San Marco, the Campanile & Palazzo Ducale that are shown on the Venice-San Marco page.  However, there are many more.

Torre Dell'Orologio (clock tower) is an early renaissance structure which is a tower with a clock and lower buildings on each side.  The tower as well as the clock date from the last decade of the 15th century but as can be expected, the mechanisms have been altered and repaired numerous times over the years. 

On the terrace at the top of the tower are two huge bronze figures, hinged at the waist, which strike the hour on a bell.  They are always known as "the Moors" because of the dark hue the bronze has acquired over time...more

Venice Shopping

Venice shopping can entail unbelievable options. You can wander through typical narrow streets, simply ambling along while browsing into shop windows until something commands enough attention from you that you feel compelled to enter the shop.

The offerings include Murano glass from the nearby Murano Island, fine handcrafted linens, a multitude of souvenirs such as t-shirts and items with the name Venice proudly painted or etched on it. Interspersed with the shops are trattorias, bars and restaurants for those who get thirsty or hungry on their souvenir pilgrimage...more 

Ristorante Beppino

We discovered the Ristorante Beppino on our visit to Venice in 2011 and looked forward to returning there this visit. However, we wandered the narrow and maze-like streets and simply couldn’t recall its location. Leisurely walking and browsing at all the fantastic Murano glass items in the windows occupied us partially but we had worked up an appetite.

We stopped at a pleasant looking outdoor sidewalk trattoria, perused the menu and ordered. While sipping a glass of wine, awaiting our meals we looked across the pavement to see…Ristorante Beppino!  ...more

Locanda Vivaldi Hotel
Venice Series

The Locanda Vivaldi Hotel in Venice epitomizes the vision of romance. Even if you are accompanied by your family and it’s not a getaway for two…you are surrounded with an aura that sprinkles a little of the magic of its past grandeur on today’s reality.

The hotel (it was once a residence of the 18th century composer Antonio Vivaldi) consists of two buildings alongside each other. The second contains a meeting room for those with business agendas. Venice itself evokes an atmosphere of the mystical as you wander the maze of small streets and alleyways as the legendary Casanova did...more

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