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The Bulgaria Series is a collection of travel articles done by a respected and talented person who had lived in Bulgaria for a lengthy period of time and he shares some informative insights for others who travel.  Because there was a fair amount of detail with each individual article, I felt it was expedient to move it into its own series.  Hence this one has been created from some of the articles in the Worldwide Destinations Series, now with its own section.  Enjoy!

Sofia, Bulgaria: the Backdoor to Eastern Europe, Asia & the Mediterranean
(by T.W. Anderson)

While Bulgaria might be one of the newer countries to join the European Union, only holding member status since 2007, it has much more to offer than just a modern economy and infrastructure.  There is also the 8,000 year old history to consider, from the Ottomans back to the Romans, Byzantines, Thracians and beyond.

As a central hub of transportation, Sofia has stood the test of time.  In the 21st century, it is a blend of millennia-old history and structures with modern complexes, high-speed infrastructure and a cheap cost of living.  And while for Bulgarians the city functions as the capital with very little in the way of things to celebrate, for those of us who travel for a living or for a passion, Sofia is so much more than "just another capital city". ..more


The Natural Beauty of Bulgaria: Day Trips from Sofia
(by T.W. Anderson)
Bulgaria Series

Beauty of Bulgaria:

Sofia is a history lover's city, and if you are someone who enjoys burying your nose in various cathedrals, subways, ruins and tunnels that honeycomb the streets and below, you'll certainly be set for months - if not years - of discovery.  With Thracian, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman to choose from, there's certainly a wealth of historical layers to peel off.

But if you are someone who enjoys the outdoors, Sofia offers you plenty of alternate routes into what really sets the beauty of Bulgaria apart from the numerous other European countries you could choose from: the natural environment.  Bulgarians are proud of their country's natural beauty, and most people are out of the city and into the surrounding countryside on the weekends, exploring the beauty of their country and enjoying picnics, hikes, camping treks and beyond...more 

A Deeper Look at Sofia, Bulgaria
(by T.W. Anderson)
Bulgaria Series

At the heart of modern Bulgaria is Sofia, the capital city.  With around four million residents as of 2012, and only then if you include all of the metro areas surrounding, it's not the largest of capitals, nor is it the grandest.  But it more than makes up for its size with a rich tapestry of history, one that is often forgotten as tourists come only to make their way to the ski slopes of Bansko for a week-long ski-fest, or the shores of the Black Sea for a seaside holiday.

Centrally located in the Balkans in the western part of the country at the foot of the volcanic Vitosha Mountain, Sofia is a modern hub of infrastructure blended in with a hint of Thracian, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman antiquity...more  

Sofia Food Markets of Bulgaria
(by T.W. Anderson)

Sofia food markets are one of the selling points of the capital of Bulgaria...above and beyond the history, the location at the foot of Vitosha Mountain (seen above), the climate, the beer, wine and rakia...is the food.  Birthplace to yogurt as the rest of the world knows it, as well as some of the freshest produce you've ever tasted, you'll be hard pressed to walk more than a couple of city blocks without running into an open food market offering up local produce...more  

Pizza in Sofia, Bulgaria
(by T.W. Anderson)
Bulgaria Series

Pizza in Sofia is a Big Deal, and Bulgaria as a whole.  That being said, just about every restaurant in the country has some form of pizza on the menu.  It is also sold as a form of street food on every street corner, where you can buy a big slice of pizza for a couple of leva.

There's also plenty of restaurants to choose from in the city when you need to get your pie fix.  The following list covers a few of my favorites from living there over several years...more  

For more information about Tim Anderson and his travels, visit Marginal Boundaries

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