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I thought I’d take an opportunity to recommend some travel reading that can help you find a way to fund your travels so you can get out of the cold and head somewhere with a nicer climate. Each one of the following books details how to travel cheaply, or how to establish an income and use your website or an online service or brand to generate cash to provide for your travels around the world. Enjoy!

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The Expat Guidebook 

The Expat Guidebook is a 568-page eBook that goes behind the scenes of the expat lifestyle, complete with a laid-out map of how to achieve a life of absolute creative and financial freedom via full time travel or location independence, in any corner of the world that you want to call home.

This isn't a book about backpacking, living on X dollars per day, being an international vagabond or living in bug-ridden hostels with no hot water or CouchSurfing and budget-traveling on bread-crumbs.  This is a book for professionally-minded people who want to establish themselves as independent global citizens utilizing the power of the Internet, social media, joint ventures and lifestyle management to achieve a life of absolute freedom free of the Matrix.

Inside you'll find information on:

  • Setting up residency in countries around the world.
  • How to provide proof of income to governments even if you don't necessarily meet their income requirements
  • How to avoid paying outrageous prices on air-fare and round-trip tickets
  • Tax havens, international investments, real-estate and mortgages abroad
  • Cultural immersion and language immersion
  • Secondary residencies and passports
  • The benefits of immersion travel versus backpacking
  • How to live like a local in countries around the world where you can utilize local costs of living to drop your monthly bills from $2,500 - $3,000 a month down to $600 - $800 a month.  All while maintaining your exact same standards of living, creature comforts, modern amenities, first-class healthcare and beyond
  • Hundreds of links to other resources you can utilize to get your location independent lifestyle as an international citizen started right now.

Beyond Borders - The Social Revolution

Beyond Borders from Marginal Boundaries is a book about using the power of the Internet, social media and globalization to take your passions and ideas and create an online income that you can then use to travel the world.  It is the sister publication to The Expat Guidebook, but rather than focus on the art of traveling without a budget, Beyond Borders takes a look at the brand building aspect of social media, and how it has allowed anyone, anywhere, to transcend minimum wage slavery and create their own reality using nothing more than their imagination.

In the words of Lee from Travel and Thrive, Beyond Borders summarizes what is going on in the world both financially and socially by covering everything from the transfer of wealth that is occurring throughout the world to the shifts in money making opportunities to the potential realities that could come about from such changes, both positive and negative.  Tim explains what the changes are, the new realities that are coming or are already here and the ways that anyone can create their own life of freedom in the process.  His voice is blunt and straight forward, and chalked full of experience from having achieved his own life of freedom.

(Serious, I was getting a little giddy reading it myself, and getting fired up to move back abroad. Soon, I realized, it was because I had yet to find someone who encapsulated so well everything that is currently occurring worldwide and who translates that directly to the situation of any individual.)

While I paid attention to the comments of Lee, as quoted above, I found during the reading of the book that the author also laid out a roadmap of specific steps to embarking upon a life abroad that ranged from the creation of a variety of income sources into the resolution of settling into new cultures.  His shared experiences showed how to assimilate into new cultures and how to deal with all the puppet-like strings that typically shake up your new life abroad.  He explained page by page the subtleties involved.

I surely wish this valuable asset had been available years ago when I took a flying leap into "living in Spain for 2 years".  My complicated and at times stressful adventure could have been so much simpler. The advice given in this book is given clearly and he pays close attention to the first faltering steps and how to proceed to reach a nice starting level of freedom.  I'm sure most of you have read a lot of books like I have, that appear to start out at economic levels and opportunities which are out of reach of most of us...and yes, those publications do serve a purpose, but actually leave too many of us "out in the cold".

However, "Beyond Borders" is a good fit for the majority, and can over time, with the utilization of the methods laid out for you, really help you to reach those higher economic plateaus as you pursue your path on this freedom quest.  This book give you a solid step to climb as you prepare for living abroad.  It will help you create your own vehicles of freedom to fund your new lifestyle and a new perspective on a new way of living.

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How to Travel For Free (or pretty damn near it!) 

Shelley Seale and Keith Hajovsky were tired of the conventional wisdom which says that you have to spend a lot of money to travel the world.  These two well-traveled vagabonds have managed to do it for decades and in this book they offer travel-cheap insights they have accumulated over many years of gallivanting around the globe.

While there are many travel resources and guidebooks out there that tell you how to travel on the cheap, how to save money, how to get the best airfares, this is a good resource.  They have read and used many and there are lots of good ones around. "How to Travel Fro Free (or pretty damn near it!)" is different in that they share their own personal resources and experiences to show ways in which you can travel not just cheaply, but for free--or damn close to it.

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If you or someone you know wants to learn how to see and experience the world without the need to have or to spend large amounts of money like so many in the travel industry will have you believe, then buy this book now and start your own personal journey toward your dreams of independent travel freedom!

  • The importance of MIS (Multiple Income Streams)
  • Why The Time is Now
  • Setting Goals and Tracking Progress
  • Why a Million isn't The Answer
  • Why I love Information Products (And How to Make Them)
  • Building an Online Business
  • Generating Income Using Blogs
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Life After The Cubicle 

Life After the Cubicle is a starter guide, but still has some great information on getting out of your rut and starting a life of your won online.  It's a short book, coming in at only 85 pages, but what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in terms of content. 

The most important thing to realize is that you aren't going to make millions working online, not unless you are really, really lucky.  This book outlines some of the beginning steps you should be following to get your online career going so that you can pursue a life of travel without having to take breaks to "go back to work" after the vacation time is over.

  • Seo Tips for Everyone
  • Reducing Your Expenses
  • Building a Nest Egg
  • The Two-Week Notice
  • And Much More...

Note: While these are real recommendations and comments, I must mention I do get a couple of bucks if you decide to buy.  But hey, look at it this way, you'll be helping a retiree out who's on a fixed income!

  • How to deal with dream stealers like unsupportive friends, coworkers and family members and instead find the support you need to really be able to go on your dream trip- with a good conscience
  • How to handle issues you might have around travel and health, travel and crime, or maybe fear of flying - and learn how you can prepare yourself and feel and be more safe
  • Means of transport and how to get around on your trip, how to find accommodations and, of course, where you want to go.

Extended World Travel

(text from the book jacket)

Are you Ready to Begin Your Journey of a Lifetime?

The let us show you how you CAN manage your life forever by traveling the world, no matter what your circumstances are.  This eBook is dedicated to guide, support and inspire you to follow your dreams.

Our eBook is not for finding out about the cheapest airline or the most affordable hotels.  Nor is it about what tourist sites to visit around the world or what currency they use in different countries.  Rather, when you've read our eBook, you will have more clarity about things like:

  • Why traveling actually is good for you.  You'll see how you too can benefit from taking time off and go out in the world.
  • How to get the money you'll need to go traveling the world.
  • How to find the time that will allow you to take months off from your everyday commitments.
  • What you can do to make it possible to leave your job and go on the journey of your life instead
  • How to handle the school issue so you can take your kids out in the world and let them collect first hand experiences  
  • How to travel and stay for free.  How your personal areas of interests and your own network of friends can make your trip both extra fun and interesting as well as extremely economical.

Our own journeys have also brought us in touch with numerous others who have traveled the world extensively for extended periods of time, so what we have learned from them, combined with what we learned for ourselves, can create a reality for you to explore with this travel reading.

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