Best Venezuela Beaches
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Venezuela Beaches

Home to thousands of miles of pristine Caribbean coast and tucked faraway from tourist crowds, Venezuela is a great place to hit the beach.  Whether you're looking for deep-sea snorkeling adventure or simply want to kick back in a hammock and bathe in the sun, Venezuela is the perfect spot for a beach vacation.

Los Roques:  A stunning, tropical archipelago just off the Venezuelan coastline, Los Roques is a collection of island, cays and islets spread across roughly forty-square kilometers in the Caribbean directly north of La Guairá.  The majority of the archipelago's main islands have an atoll structure, characterized by two external barriers formed by coral reefs and an inner lagoon with sandy shallows. 

The archipelago was proclaimed a national park in 1972 and today the islands are home to mile after mile of virgin coastline and pristine coral communities (the archipelago contains two barrier reefs and roughly 42 coral cays).  It's a hotspot for diving and snorkeling, though game fishing and wind surfing are also popular activities on its Venezuela beaches.

Keep in mind that most of the islands are uninhabited and the only town is Gran Roques, which is home to virtually all of the archipelago's 2,500 permanent inhabitants and the primary center of lodging and transportation for the roughly 70,000 tourists that flock to the islands every year. 

You will also want to note that because Los Roques is a national park the government has established various protective zones to protect the land from tourists.  The only zone with unlimited access for tourists is the Zona Recreative (Recreation Zone), which encompasses Gran Rogue and several nearby islands.  It is possible to visit other islands, though access for tourists is typically limited to daytime visits.

Choroni:  Situated in the spectacular Henri Pittier National Park, Choroni is a small, sleepy coastal village.  Almost four hundred years old, Choroni is both charming and rustic, wedged between Venezuela's lush cloud forest and the cerulean Mediterranean.  A few minutes walk from the village you'll find one of the best beaches in the county---Play Grande---a horse shaped ring of golden sand against steep emerald hills.

Isla La Tortuga:  If you're looking for a serene and secluded spot faraway from Venezuela's traditional tourist beaches Isla La Tortuga is perhaps the best option.  This remote island is Venezuela's second largest island, about 160 square kilometers, situated about 85 kilometers from the Venezuelan mainland.  With rich coral reefs, crystal-clear turquoise water, and immaculate white sand it's a small piece of paradise.  And luckily, it has yet to attract the attention of the tourism industry.

Interestingly, this beautiful island was first discovered in 1499 and once served as a pirate hideaway, even serving as the hideout for the infamous Henry Morgan.  Today, however, the island remains virtually uninhabited, save for a few fisherman here and there.  If you're planning on visiting the island plan on bringing supplies for camping.  Also keep in mind that there isn't any water or electricity on the island so be sure to bring sufficient provisions. 

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