Colville Inn - Washington State

The Colville Inn was a total surprise. While exploring the area for my spouse to revisit some childhood locations we found this gem. The lobby walls were covered with mounted fish that had been caught by the late owner, an avid fisherman.

The late owner was Benny Buchanan and he traveled extensively while he enjoyed his passion for fishing. The walls gave the dates and location of each catch. His grandson now operates the facility.

As you can see by all the photos here, the collection is extensive.

A few areas were intermixed with a rifle collection while various smaller fish were still accommodated. Everywhere you looked, if there was a small space on the wall, it had a mounted fish. However, it was done so tastefully, that the overall impression just left you in awe of the achievement of Benny Buchanan. It appears that his grandson is carrying on the tradition and also displaying his trophies.

The plaque of the grandson of Benny Buchanan.

Although I'm not a fan of hunting, I can still appreciate the beauty of the mounted animal trophies but my mind still drifts to how majestic they were prior to their luck running out. The couple of stag trophies on display are really impressive even though they are also thought provoking.

The Colville Inn is not too far from the town center which has an artistic sculpture in the center of the road depicting the heritage of the area. Native Americans and Pioneers are celebrated in this town square art piece. The sculpture has a native american catching a salmon, a miner panning for gold, a lumberman and an explorer. Unfortunately my photo didn't turn out very good.

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