El Salvador Beaches of San Blas & El Tunco
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El Salvador beaches...

The "departamento" or state, of La Libertad is located on the central Pacific coast of El Salvador.  This region is home to some of the most beautiful and captivating beaches in Latin America, and it can be reached from the capital of San Salvador in less than 45 minutes.

This Salvadoran ocean-front property has a lot to offer, from surfing adventures to the release of endangered sea turtle hatchlings; from a vibrant night life to a relaxing, therapeutic weekend in front of the ocean.  Two spots which represent this wide range are the neighboring beaches of San Blas and El Tunco.

San Blas beach is a charming, well-kept secret.  Despite its proximity to the capital and city life, reaching the beach feels like getting off the beaten path.  A single dirt road accesses the town---restaurants, private residences, and lodging options are located on the same road.  Part of the reason for its relative obscurity is that San Blas is not a surfing beach.

The gradual rise of the sea floor does not tend to produce the large surfing waves which are found at other beaches; it is protected inside of a smaller bay, and the vegetated hills and mountains in the background---together with the curving coast---provide a natural amphitheater, a protective cove which enhances this small town's quiet and relaxing nature.  This calm, picturesque setting has recently made it a popular spot for beach weddings.   

When the sun starts to go down at night, this quiet beach town starts to settle down as well.  It's not uncommon to see a few walking down the beach or joining a pickup beach-soccer game, but by and large, San Blas is stress-free, both at night and during the day.  This beach is perfect for anyone who needs a weekend of pure pleasure.

A mere 3 kilometers separate San Blas from its counterpart, El Tunco.  Tunco, however, offers a very different perspective on beach life.  Whereas San Blas is like lying in a hammock listening to the waves, El Tunco is more akin to a concert on the beach.  It has quickly become the most popular tourist destination in El Salvador, with dozens of hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants crowding in towards the powerful waves crashing on the beach. 

Visitors have arrived from all over the world to see this famous surfing site, and vendors and tourist shops line the narrow streets.  What is an active, bustling beach and surfing community during the day continues as an energetic scene at night, with plenty of venues offering drinks, food, and music. 

While each location is different, both El Salvador beaches focus on self-preservation.  San Blas features a strong community dedicated to restoring the endangered sea turtle species, and Tunco hosts beach cleanups and promotes recycling and the sorting or organic waste.  It's inspiring to see these communities take care of their beautiful natural resources!

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