Pizza in Sofia, Bulgaria
(by T.W. Anderson)

Pizza in Sofia is a Big Deal, and Bulgaria as a whole.  That being said, just about every restaurant in the country has some form of pizza on the menu.  It is also sold as a form of street food on every street corner, where you can buy a big slice of pizza for a couple of leva.

There's also plenty of restaurants to choose from in the city when you need to get your pie fix.  The following list covers a few of my favorites from living there over several years.

Don Vito Pizza

Hands down my all-time favorite order-in-restaurant for pizza in Sofia.  They have locations scattered around the city, and you can either go there and sit down to eat or you can order for a home delivery.  To give you an idea of much I enjoyed this place, I'm actually friends (still chat regularly on Facebook and Skype) with one of the regular delivery guys who worked at the branch closest to my apartment there because I would literally order from this place 3-4 times a week.  It's super cheap, and extremely tasty.

They have Serbian meats, potato dishes, lasagnas, salads and more.  You can get it all ordered for just a few leva and it's actually delivered in 30 minutes or so depending on how busy they are.  I've eaten every dish on their menu and every single one of them is worth ordering.  You can find their website at

Pizza Victoria

Victoria is an upscale restaurant located in the heart of the downtown district.  While the atmosphere is casual, you will notice that almost everyone who eats here wears a suit and tie or is some way a working professional.  They claim they have the best pizzas in Sofia, and I wouldn't really argue with that.  They also have an international menu full of excellent choices and the atmosphere is such that you can enjoy a casual lunch as well as an intimate dinner evening with your significant other. 

The prices, however, are a bit on the high side when you compare the food against what you can order at just about any other Bulgarian restaurant, but the portions are large, the service is good and everything is always fresh.

This is one of the only places to get wood-fired pizza in Sofia.  You can watch them prepare it fresh in front of you and you can choose from indoor or outdoor seating.  The have some of the freshest, tastiest salads in the city, and they also have a range of seafood.  Their wine selection is superb, and they have a variety of beers on tap, plus they deliver as well as offering their in-house service.  More information can be found at

The Spaghetti Company

One of the better wine selections in Sofia, as well as a phenomenal Italian menu that features a range of pastas, pizzas, salads and beyond, the Spaghetti Company is a hands-down top choice no matter if you want a lunch or dinner.  It can be casual, it can be intimate, it can be a 45 minute outing or a 3 hour indulgence.  It's clean, fresh, and the service is always professional.  While it doesn't serve Bulgarian cuisine, instead focusing on Italian food, this is still a great place to enjoy a quiet afternoon sitting outside or an intimate evening affair indoors with a bottle of Shiraz and some fettuccini alfredo with chicken and a side salad.  More information can be found at

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