Famous Author Inspirations

It's interesting to discover famous author inspirations...such as what motivated them to choose a particular location in which to base their novel or which character traits they gleaned from the many strangers they encountered that they opt to incorporate into their major players. 

A writer that enjoys researching the inclinations involved is Angela Youngman, a writer and journalist with numerous books linking travel and literary/film sites. This page will feature the fruits of her labor with links to her more in-depth e-books on the same topic.

Jane Austen and Bath, England
(by Angela Youngman)
Famous Author Inspirations

During the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, you could be forgiven for thinking you have stepped back in time. Ladies in high waisted, Empire line dresses, gentlemen in breeches, high collars and waistcoats can be found roaming the streets re-enacting scenes from her books and life.

Such scenes fit perfectly into the townscape of Bath. This is a town that has retained its Georgian charm. The style, layout and architecture remain very much as it was in the early eighteenth century. Jane Austen would certainly recognize the streets, alleyways and buildings. Even today, you can shop, take the waters and walk the streets that Jane knew so well...more 

(by Angela Youngman)
Famous Author Inspirations

Les Miserables is understandably one of Victor Hugo's greatest novels - which is why the little town of Montreuil-sur-Mer, near Etaples in the Pas de Calais is attracting a lot of attention. Hugo came here in 1837 and spent just three hours in the town exploring its streets and building. At the time he was traveling north with his mistress Juliette Druet. Despite this short stay, there can be no doubt that it made a tremendous impression on him as he later immortalized it in his book.

Hugo quickly wrote to his wife Adele referring to the pretty avenues, the cobblestoned streets and the Place Gambetta. He described his walk under the trees, on the ramparts circling the town with its views across the countryside, and visiting the churches in the Square.  In his letter he stated, ‘there are two old churches in the square, but they look great. In the bigger I find a nice Roman baptismal font.’  ...see more  

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The Bard's Stratford
(by Angela Youngman)
Famous Author Inspirations

Shakespeare and Stratford go hand in hand - you cannot visit this pretty Warwickshire town without encountering the Bard. His birthplace, Anne Hathaway's Cottage, New Place, the RSC are essential "must do's' for everyone visiting the town for the first time. Thousands of people every year visit to pay homage to the Bard.

This would not have been possible without the intervention of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Dickens and others in the nineteenth century. They joined forces to save the Birthplace, and other sites in Stratford. Queen Victoria even had dreams of gondoliers on the Avon - this did not succeed! ...more

Stratford Magic
(by Angela Youngman)

It's not just the Bard that creates magic in Stratford upon Avon - canny visitors are encountering a different kind of magic...Stratford magic!

As night falls, a group of people gather next to the Swan fountain to be greeted by a tall gentleman dressed in black, wearing a long opera cloak and a gleaming top hat.  For the next two hours, it is pure entertainment as the disparate group of people previously unknown to each other blend together enjoying a fascinating walk through the ghostly hidden corners of Stratford.

Stopping at different spots to hear a new tale, the guide almost mesmerizes his audience. There are tales of murder, of mystery, of plague. Suddenly the group are holding hands, singing the children's nursery rhyme Ring a Ring A Roses; or jumping back as the guide re-enacts a scene from a bloody murder. At the edge of a darkened alleyway, the story of the Stratford Ripper is told - ending with a maniacal laugh that leaves his listeners looking anxiously over their shoulders!  ...more 

Angela Youngman's e-books offer an educated peek into some of the past literary legends, written with spirit and imagination.

A resident of the U. K. she is well qualified to traverse the landscape and follow in the footsteps of these literary masters. Her location is also a handy jump-off point to research other areas of Europe.

Jane Austen…the writer, the story and places to go Publisher: Book Rix Book Rix

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