princess in Alaska!

by Emma K
(Pittsburgh pa usa)

Princess is a story by itself. but Alaska sells it self.. If I was to cruise again. It wouldn't be by Princess. they didn't pay attention to you. could care less if you were there. 1st to show you what I mean. it was our first cruise. when we enter'd the cruise. we were pushed in line and on the ship. I said what now.. they said GO where you want.. I said. I don't know were to go. she laughed. you've never been on a cruise.. now I feel belittled. I said. I am fine. and walked away. what a as*. well 7 days of this went on. and every body was like this.. not helping us buy a beverage card.. not showing us where to go for dinner.. not showing us where to get off the boat.. common. be nice.. I mean a little nice would have helped.. tips are taking out for you.. work for them.. NOW Alaska''wow.. I would go back there in a split minute. it is fabulous. the people the food the scenery. wow is all I can say.. well see when I cruise again. thanks. but Ill just go there and see things.


Emma, I'm not disagreeing with you. We have a lot of cruises under our belts, mainly with Celebrity and NCL, and have been treated like very welcome guests every time. However, this past January (2013) we decided to try Princess.

We had tried a cruise to the Caribbean with Carnival a few years ago and it was okay but nothing special so we opted to finally get out of the rut with our two favorites and try Princess. The food was very mediocre, the service certainly well below what we were accustomed to, and I understand your displeasure.

Please don't stop will miss so much, but give a try to NCL and Celebrity. Watch for "deals", and give it another try.

I really hate it when I hear that someone is "turned off" cruising because of one particular cruise line that gives indifferent treatment when cruising is all about great service, wonderful port stops, good food and relaxing!

Shame on Princess for treating you in such a manner.

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